Our delicious food at Forréttabarinn consists of various sizes of appetizers and desserts

Classic appetizers

2.250 kr

Robert’s hearty langoustine soup

seafood gnocchi – bread – tapenade

Hot smoked salmon & creamy barley
apple – fennel – red pepper coulis
Atlantic scallops & shrimp taco
grilled corn – lime chili yogurt
Beef carpaccio & basil pesto
ruccola – parmesan crisps
Hot smoked duck breast & beetroot
dates – goat’s cheese – pomegranate
Crispy buffalo chicken open sandwich ☻

citrus coleslaw – blue cheese dressing

Spicy chicken & feta quesadillas
black beans – greek yogurt – pickled peppers
Cajun beef burger & smoked pork shoulder ☻
dijon dressing – onion rings – pickles


Béarnaise Sauce – 450

Fries & Tomato Sauce – 950

Olives Provencal – 950

Homemade Bread & Tapenade – 950

Sautéed Vegetables – 1.350

Mixed Salad & vinaigrette – 1.350

Onion Rings With Dijon Dressing – 1.350

Four Course Tasting Menu


6.950 kr

Corn chowder

Edamame quesadillas

Quinoa burger

Panna Cotta


7.450 kr

Confit of Arctic Char

Hot smoked duck

Fish of the day


Toasted plaice

Skyr parfait


7.950 kr

Langoustine soup

Beef carpaccio

Ribeye of lamb


Grilled fillet of horse

Rhubarb pie


1.950 kr

Warm chocolate cake & caramel fudge ☻

local vanilla ice cream

Skyr mousse & rhubarb compote

red berries - toasted oats crumble

Coconut Crème brûlée & passion fruit ice cream

toasted coconut flakes

Grand appetizers

3.550 kr

Fish of the day ☻

Please ask your waiter about the chef’s choice

Toasted plaice Grenobloise
potato leek velouté – capers – lemon
Grilled Fillet of Horse & Caramelised Onion
potato purée – bacon – béarnaise
Herb Crusted Ribeye Of Lamb
parsnip purée – sauté mushrooms – red wine reduction

Veggie appetizers

2.250 kr

Caprese Mozzarella Tomato Salad

basil pesto – sprouts – toasted seeds

Sweet corn chowder Ⓥ
pop corn – garden cress
Edamame Quesadillas Ⓥ
black bean salsa – spicy mayo
Quinoa Mushroom Burger Ⓥ
cheddar – pickles – spicy mayo
Buffalo Cauliflower Open Sandwich
citrus coleslaw – blue cheese dressing
Please inform us of a food allergy or intolerance
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