Classic Appetizers

1.850 kr

Classic Caprese mozzarella & tomato salad
basil pesto – sprouts – toasted seeds

Hearty langoustine soup á la Róbert
house bread – tapenade – green oil

Hot smoked salmon of the house
potato rosti – lime – wasabi yogurt

Beef carpaccio & basil pesto
rucola – croutons – permesan

Cocktail of shrimps & scallops
taco – avocado salsa – sweet corn

Buffalo fried chicken open-faced sandwich
citrus coleslaw – blue cheese dressing

Smoked duck breast on a beetroot & date salad
goat’s cheese – parsnip – pomegranate

Cajun style beef burger & bbq pulled pork
dijon dressing – onion rings – tomatoes

Grand Appetizers

2.750 kr

Fish of the day
fish course of the day

Ask your waiter about today’s course

Grilled fillet of horse on caramelised onions
potato puree – brussel sprouts – pancetta – bernaise

Herb crusted lamb fillet & confit of lamb shoulder
mushrooms – aged mustard – kale – parsnip


1.750 kr

Sticky toffee pudding
butterscotch – vanilla ice cream

Icelandic cheese
port glazed fruit – crackers


Bearnaise sauce 350 kr.
French fries and ketchup 650 kr.
Home-baked bread and tapenade 950 kr.
Side salat and vinaigrette 950 kr.
Onion rings with Dijon dressing 1.050 kr.

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